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The Propitious Generalist

Just a minute ago I printed a list of new business tools I’d like to research, test and partially implement into my own business. I’ve also just researched a photography course starting in the new year, and ideally I’d like to learn website coding before that. I can’t help it – welcome to the desperate […]

EPK – The Secret Passage to the Media and Music Industry

I can still vividly remember myself sitting on the floor at a renowned German music publisher I worked for over two decades ago, filing and sorting through mountains of press kits. For a young music aficionado this ‘menial’ task proved to be very exciting, getting insight into the inner lives of so many bands I […]

Record Stores – The Secret Heroes of Customer Retention

The death of the independent record store has been predicted as often as it has been discussed, and still there are numerous examples of how you can weather any storm, if you love what you do, if you’re smart about the changing environment you’re in and if you can think outside the box. Many people […]

Going Independent – The Safety Net of Artistic Propagation

Working in independent music distribution has always been a question of musical taste and artistic freedom for me, of more enthusiasm and creativity in music releases, mainstream autonomy and the support of a blossoming cultural underground. I started my professional ventures before I entered my twenties within Germany’s main music distributor at the time, a […]